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Although a relatively new company, Building Exteriors has already developed a reputation as one of the premier Northwest Arkansas landscape design companies. Our clients are discerning customers who want the best in personal outdoor living design, combined with quality materials and expert craftsmanship. We will collaborate with you to create a stone patio, brick patio, flower beds, paths, and many other landscape ideas you may have.

When you want to create a yoga retreat, a child’s playscape, or an entertainment area, our professionals will help you through the many landscaping options. Our garden designs for both front yard landscaping and back yard landscaping reflect your taste, your home’s style, and plants suitable for the Northwest Arkansas environment. The best gardens are personal works of art, and we encourage you to tell us the plants you like and dislike so we will design a landscape that uniquely fits you.

Hardscape ideasLet us create your outdoor oasis.

After a busy day, there’s nothing like returning to your lush, backyard haven. Great landscape architectural design involves finding the right balance among materials, design, and budget. When you start planning your home’s landscape, don’t simply limit your ideas to trees, grass, and flowers. Consider the entire space, and the overall environment and tone you wish to achieve. How could water features, outdoor lighting, and walkways enhance your home? As you create your outdoor sanctuary where you can escape from the world, your Building Exterior landscape designer will listen to all of your ideas, make suggestions, and create plans that not only meet your needs and desires but also fits within your budget.

Meet with our highly-skilled team of designers to discuss your landscaping vision.