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We at Building Exteriors want to protect the investment you’ve made in your home. Not only do we design gorgeous landscapes and hardscapes that fit your lifestyle, but we care about the irrigation and drainage of your property. The last thing you want after investing in a landscape is to find trapped water that creates muddy zones because landscapers didn’t get their grades correct.

We take erosion control seriously because of its damage potential. Backyard drainage can be overlooked by a poorly trained designer. Without appropriate drainage solutions, water could drown expensive plants or even undermine the foundation of your home.  One of our design professionals will analyze your yard’s features and examine grades to establish the exact topography.

backyard drainage
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front-yard-landscapeCustom Drainage Systems

Have water standing around your foundation? Creative drainage options are what you need. Your property may lend itself to a retaining wall, French drain or a dry creek bed. You need an expert that is willing to be creative to give you the best long-term solution for your particular home, and landscape. Building Exteriors experts can create custom designs such as retaining walls, drain tiles, and French drains.

Whatever option you choose, you can rely on the Building Exteriors team to boost your curb appeal and take care of the distinctive details of your property, which includes proper irrigation and drainage.

We work with many savvy homeowners who hire Building Exteriors landscape designers to help them realize their dreams. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your property.