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Sprinkler Systems

custom sprinkler systemMany homeowners take a functioning irrigation system for granted. After all, it’s invisible until it turns on or until a major problem occurs. It can also be overwhelming to know what to do if a problem develops. To protect your landscaping and property investment, it’s important to make sure your irrigation system is well-maintained and well-designed to keep water waste to a minimum. If you notice wet pavements and run-off on your property, your sprinkler system is likely not well-designed or inappropriate for your lawn. The irrigation professionals at Building Exteriors can guide you through each step of the process to create a more efficient system, whether you need to simply reset your watering schedule, change nozzles through different landscape zones, or install a custom irrigation system. Proper irrigation can be the difference between a dry, fading yard and years of well-hydrated, beautiful landscaping.

choosing a sprinkler systemConserve Water

Building Exteriors’ irrigation systems are designed to conserve water. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service by using advanced technology that provides our customers’ with cost-effective and environmentally-friendly irrigation. Our irrigation services include lawn sprinkler systems, traditionally used for lawns, and drip irrigation, which are ideal for garden beds. Sprinkler sensors also help maintain appropriate irrigation based on rain, low temperatures, and high-wind speeds. If you decide underground sprinklers are the most appropriate solution, we usually recommend installing sprinkler lines prior to other landscape or hardscape installations.

Because irrigation is such an important piece of a thriving landscape, Building Exteriors makes it a point to know and offer the best options to avoid costly and harmful over-watering. By integrating spray, drip, and sprinkler systems as needed, the water goes precisely where your plants need it in order to optimize effectiveness. We also offer our clients a multitude of drainage system options such as French drains, drain tiles, and retaining walls. As we work with your landscape, we consider shade placement, soil condition, slope, and seasonal factors of NWA. Visit our Drainage System page for more information.

We welcome your questions as you move toward a healthier landscape.